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Celebrating 9 Years of Helping Kids Find their Passion, 
While Making Extracurriculars More Inclusive.



The Helping a Needy Kid Society is a charitable organization which provides financial assistance to low-income children grades Kindergarten through 12th to explore extracurricular activities in the areas of Education, Art, Sports and Music. Exploring activities outside of school allows children the opportunity to broaden their horizons while building their self-esteem. We recognize their endeavors, while maturing into individuals who will excel and give back to their communities. Serving the Greater Delaware Valley.


2023 Goals

In 2023,  our goal is to help the journey of 25 children. Changing their lives, one child at a time. This is different, this is powerful! These kids are real disruptors. Stay tuned as we unveil the stories being written in 2023.

There are students who have to be nagged to practice their instruments, whether it be piano, violin or trumpet. Jeffrey Whiting, Jr., is not one of them. Jeffrey had a burning desire to learn to play guitar, but he waited years for the opportunity to take music lessons since his family lacked the funds to pay for them. T.H.A.N.K.S provided a scholarship to enable Jeffrey to take lessons at the Ambler Music School. His mom reports that he practices for an hour every day and loves playing the guitar. We can all look forward to hearing Jeffrey play one day.

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