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How old do I have to be to receive assistance?

The age does not matter as much as the grade. So if you are in Kindergarten thru 12th grade you may receive assistance.


What happens if I don't know the activity I want to do yet?

If you have not determined the activity yet, hold off on filling out the application. First, decide on the activity, then fill out the application. You can view the activity list that we have shown on the application page, to get the ideas flowing.

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Why do you ask for a photo and video release?

It is very important that we get photos and videos of your child in their activity. We realize that you may not want to share personal information. However, sharing your photos and experience is what helps our organization garner funding from individuals, corporations and seek grant opportunities. Sharing your personal stories will help another child receive funding in the future to enjoy an activity or perhaps so your child can enjoy another activity as well.






Why do you ask about surveying me, my child and our school teacher?


Our surveys are not used to seek in- depth personal information. They are used to take a baseline of how a child/parent/teacher or guidance counselor feels about home, school and their activity. We compare these responses with their post activity survey to measure the impact of the activity. These surveys are completely confidential. We do not share your name or personal information with anyone. However, these quantitative measurement techniques help us secure unique grant opportunities that will allow our organization to grow and serve many more children.



Who will pick my activity?


You pick the activity you want to do, then fill out the application.

Make sure it's complete or the process will take longer. 

How does this application process work?

  1. First decide on the activity you would like to do. We prefer it be a program containing at least 3 classes. We request that because if we were to pay for single classes, it would take us longer to process the application than for your child to attend the class.

  2. Submit the application through us directly or through your guidance counselor or social worker. Once we receive the application, we review it briefly to make sure all of the areas have been filled out. If you miss an area one of our volunteers will call you and email you. If we do not hear back from you via phone or email within 36 hours, your application will not be processed. 

  3. The application is reviewed by our Board of Directors - Application Committee. You will be notified if you are approved. Please allow approximately 3 weeks from the time you submit the application until the vendor receives payment. Therefore, if the class starts April 28th, make sure your application is received by our offices before April 7th. Payment is made directly to the vendor, we do not pay the applicant and there are no exceptions. 

  4. You and your child and child' teacher will receive our on-line survey. When we receive the survey back from you and your child we will send payment to the vendor.  We appreciate input from the teachers/guidance but we will not hold payment waiting for their response.


*If the class you would like your child to attend has on-line registration. Please contact our offices before signing up. We cannot reimburse you for a class that you have already been enlisted.

Do I need to repay you? Is this a loan?

There is no need to repay us financially.  However, you can help us out by filling out our follow-up survey about the child's (recipient') experience. This helps us gauge how well our program is running and how it is changing the life of the child participating. We appreciate you allowing us to share your experience and pictures on our website. By doing so it invites other participants to do the same, and garners more sponsors and other organizations to engage with our charity.


* If we do not receive your follow-up survey you will not be considered for future scholarships.

Do you pay for monthly class fees or travel sports?

At this time we do not pay for full travel programs. Though we will contribute a scholarship towards your fees if you qualify for assistance. For monthly class fees we will contribute up to $250 per request. If your class fee is $100 per month, then your request would cover 2.5 months of classes, before having to reapply.

I have a friend that would like to join in an activity, what should I do?

Forward them the website information or print out an application for them. We do not provide financial assistance unless an application has been filled out and approved in advance. 

How do I qualify for assistance?

You must have a financial need. Regardless of which government program you qualify for (listed on the application), you must submit copies of support documentation/cards with your application. The child must also show a willingness to abide by the application requests and a commitment to the activity. If we find out from the activity vendor that the student has shown difficulties with their facility in the past, we will not support that type of behavior and will not give financial assistance.

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