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Why Are We Here?

Extracurricular activities are such an important part of our childhood. So many schools these days are cutting down on these activities to save money on their bottom line. It is such a shame. I was attending my son's cello concert a couple of years ago. I could not believe the turnout of support from the parents. The audience was fully packed everyone waiting for their kid to perform. I started to get a little choked up. What about all of the kids that are at home, I thought. What about the parents who can't afford to give their child this amazing gift of music appreciation, of learning a a new instrument, learning to read music and of being proud of their accomplishments. The cost for the rental and lessons was $350 for the year. When I broke down the cost it came to just over $9/ week and that included about 2-3 (30 minute lessons per week). I was really saddened by this news. Soon after our organization became partners with Ambler Music located on Butler Pike in Ambler. If you are interested in music lessons for your child but can't afford it - give them a call and fill out one of our applications.

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